Laramie Alley Ways

This portfolio explores the alleyways of Laramie, Wyoming, my home town. I was interested in the relationship between the truck and trailer used to take the images and the square recessionary depth of these spaces. Using long exposures, the tilt and shift of the camera and the inherent flaws of the process, I was able to tap into to the inherent romanticism of these places, hidden and forgotten areas in our daily life. Alleyways are both utterly utilitarian (garbage pickup, driveways, storage) and completely romantic and leisure oriented. We stroll through them when walking our dogs, enjoying the protection from the road and the overgrown weeds and shrubs. They’re ignored to the point of becoming romantic follies, arcadian escapes from the asphalt paved worlds we traverse to get to work. I wanted to capture some of this dreaminess and forgottenness in these images while at the same time exploring my town and getting to know it in a very different way.

These images are the first full body of work I have produced with my trailer Camera Obscura. Built when I moved to the state in 2011, the trailer is a room sized camera I can sit inside. Using a 760mm lens I can project images upwards to 50″ wide directly onto sheets of photographic paper. For this project, I used Harmon’s direct positive silver gelatin paper in 24″ rolls. This paper is a traditional b/w photo paper that uses a reversal exposure process to produce unique, b/w positive images. I then process these sheets in my darkroom and tone them using gold and sepia toners to shift their colors and make them archivally stable.  Each of these images is approximately 24″ wide by 30″ tall.


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